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The Girls

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April 2023

Pine Bush, New York

Scenes were filmed at Pine Bush High School, the Pine Bush UFO Fair which happens down Main Street every June, Fishkill, New York at Kristen Samuelson's beautiful home.
And Future scenes will be shot from Pine Bush, NY to Westchester, to the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

June 2023

Pine Bush, New York Production

Director, Producter, Writer

Chaska is a project that began in 2011. In the years since the inception of the idea, I have grown the Chaska community and we have a small crew of incredibly talented people working on the movie.

Independent SCI-FI Triller

Chaska is part of an epic SCI-FI Trilogy with extended storyline and pre-origin stories.

CHASKA'S (Natalia Ancil) friend group is a diverse group of girls. For the Short, we feature Gianna Tapia, Natalie Scott, Olivia Belofski, and of course Eva Olivero as Crystal, Chaska's best friend. As we film more scenes the friend group will grow. Chaska is on the High School Soccer Team, and various clubs that showcase her high intelligence. The girls are involved with activities ranging from Equestrian to Cheer. The girls are all multi-cultural and in this Production, our Latinx characters are featured in the foreground as the Leads.

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